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Solve your doubts about how to buy in our marketplace specialized in CBD. Get all the necessary information about our products.

about CBD or CANnabidiol

What is CBD

Where does CBD come from?

Cannabidiol or CBD is extracted from the cannabis sativa L. plant. This abundant compound, along with many others such as THC, is found in this plant and its best form of extraction is with CO2.

Is it legal to consume cbd

Within the European Union, the consumption of CBD is legal as long as the percentage of THC is below 0.2%. However, smoking cannabidiol may not be legal in absolutely all countries, as is the case in Spain. Its form of use is regulated by the legal framework of the countries where these products are marketed and, consequently, it is the responsibility of the consumer to find out about the current legislation in each place.

From Lestr3ss we want to emphasize that any use of CBD flowers other than that established in the standard is at your own risk.

about lesstress marketplace

online asistance

Simple and intuitive platform for buying cbd. Online service during business hours


Quality guaranteed and certified by third-party laboratories

premium brand

Brands are carefully selected for the quality of their products and services

what is lesstress

What is Lesstress Marketplace

We are an online marketplace for CBD and Hemp products. A reliable source where you can buy the best brands on the market.

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How to buy CBD in LEsstress

Buy in a few steps

Add products of your favorite premium CBD brands to the cart. Fill in your details and confirm your order. Ready!


Choose any of our payment methods. Bank transfer, credit or debit cards. Direct payment with cryptocurrencies or exchange cards.

Receive your order

Your order will be processed within 24 hours after receiving your payment correctly. Orders can be received on separate days and packages. The average shipping time is 3 to 5 days.

OUR logistics


Customer Support

Join our online customer service channels. Find us with @lesstr3ss

fast shipping

Shipping to the European Community and International

Secure Payments

Our payment methods are safe and respect your privacy

Payment Methods

Trusted payment channels

At Lesstress we take care that your payment sources are safe and reliable. For which we use the best providers of payment gateways with credit-debit cards and cryptocurrency cards.


Pay with your VISA or Mastercard credit or debit card. Other providers also apply.

PAYMENTS with cryptocurrencies

If you have a debit card with cryptocurrencies associated with your wallet or your preferred exchange, you can use it in our marketplace.

For direct payments with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcanna or your favorite cryptocurrency use our Coinbase Commerce secure payment channel.

Shipping in lesstress

How do shipments work?

Our marketplace format is associated with high-quality brands produced in Europe and the United States. When you buy your products on the lesstress marketplace, the order goes directly to the manufacturer brands. They will personally take care of using their shipping channels to deliver the product in the shortest possible time.

What is the shipping price?

Shipping has a standard price of €12 throughout Europe. Certain brands may offer lower shipping prices to certain countries.

In support of our customers, Lesstress Marketplace has a shared shipping program. Add your favorite products and we pay part of the shipping cost.

Most of the brands in our store have free shipping from €70 to all of Europe. Certain brands can ship for free worldwide.

How much is the shipping time


Remember that Lesstress works like a marketplace, so you will usually receive a package for each brand you have purchased


We have two types of delivery terms in shipments


Between 24-72 hours on business days: Carried out by the brands closest to your location.


From 5 to 7 working days, made by brands with warehouses outside of Spain

How to add your brand?


BRand landing page

Dedicated landing page for your brand on our platform

sales assistance

Our sales agents will provide assistance during our working hours.


Promote your products to our audience with video content

Add your brand

Why add your brand

Lesstress offers brand, manufacturers and farms a platform to expand their sales.


Pague con su tarjeta de credito o debito VISA o Mastercard.  Otros proveedores también aplican. 

PAGos con criptomonedas

Si usted tienne una tarjeta de debito con criptomonedas asociada a su billetera o de su exchange preferido puede usarala en nuestro marketplace.

Para pagos directos con Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcanna o su criptomoneda favorita use nuestro canal de pago seguro de Coinbase Commerce.

Service for brands

Get a production team

Get an audiovisual content production team for the marketing of your brand.

Content for social media

3D Product animation

Branding Design

Content Production

Benefith with our 3D production pack fro brands with a suscription.

Brand Design

Our design team will care to delivery top view for your brand.

Are you a wholesaler?


free advice

Our specialists accompanied you during the process of selecting the brand that fits your business

Certified brands

All the brands in our catalog have official third-party laboratory certificates


We have a wide range of brands that offer their products with no minimum order per SKU.

Wholesale b2b

Who is our program for?

Lesstress is a trusted B2B distributor in Europe. For CBD retail stores, herbalists, tobacconists, spas, organic stores, and massage saloon.

What benefits do you have?

Buy high quality hemp products grown in Europe with great discounts. We have a large selection of brands in no order by SKU.

Payment Methods

Payments for wholesale orders will be made through bank transfer.


How to sign up

Fill in the form for wholsaer with your company data. You may also email us at

Que precio tienen los envios

Los envios tiene un precio estandar de 12€ a toda Europa. De terminadas marcas podrian ofrecer precios de envio más bajos a determinados paises.

En apoyo a nuestro clientes ,Lesstress Marketplace tiene una programa de envio compartido. Agregue sus productos favoritos y nosotros pagamos una parte el coste de envio.

La mayoria de las marcas en nuestra tienda tiene envio gratis a partir de 70€ a toda Europa. Determinadas marcas pueden enviar gratis a todo el mundo.

Cuanto es el tiempo de envio


Recuerda que Lesstress funciona como un marketplace, por lo que por lo general te llegará un paquete por cada marca que hayas comprado


Tenemos dos tipos plazos de entrega en los envíos


Entre 24-72 horas de días laborables: Efectuado por las marcas más cercanas a su locación.


De 5 a 7 días laborables, efectuado por las marcas con almacenes fuera de España

Contact us

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